Simple fun. Cornflour and water 1:0.5 ratio.  

Added food dye for a little more fun.  Just know the dye will stain so old clothes is a must. It will come out of the hands, eventually.  

But science (we say fun stuff) is worth it. 

The tiles ended up quite colourful as well. 😆

The kids enjoyed it. 

And me too. 

Happy times. 


Book Binding


I love journals.  Many years ago I made  this (above) journal, this was the first one I ever made.  It has held up well to many years of abuse love and use.  I used paper to cover the outside and it has worn in areas. I made a few for gifts after this one.


And this is the beginning of my new one. I had to refresh my memory on how to sew but for the most part I remembered What to do.  I had changed a few things with each journal I made last time and the process still continues.  I want the books to last and be a joy for many years to come.

I am really please with the results. And will be making a few more. I also have leather and am going to turn my hand to leather bound journals. I love leather journals and plan to experiment with paper.


My finished product.  I am happy with how it turned out.  I like the spine design better in this notebook than previous ones, although I can see a use for both designs.  It does need a little more practice again.  but this one was cheerful claimed by Miss L. With a demand request from Miss A for one.

Miss N wishes to have one as well, but for her I will make a larger one, and try my hand at leather bound one.

Decisions. Decisions

This room is a gorgeous room, have been trying to figure out what to do with it as at the moment it is wasted space. Well aside from daughters playing in it and cats wanting to sleep.

The large windows make it bright and airy and really who doesn’t want to make the most of this view?

The Bay is visible, photo doesn't do it justice.

You can see the bay from the sunroom, it is truly lovely.

It was Miss 12 who gave me the idea. She dragged the rocking chair to a table the was at the house and started sewing and I realised the room will be perfect as a sewing room.

I don’t mean storage of craft things, that will be through that narrow door in the photo in what I term the “Garage Room”. It used to be a garage but it has been turned into a room, lined and with doors.  I had thought to use that as the sewing room but the light in the sun room is so much better, as is the air flow.

So all I need now is a sewing desk and a slightly larger table than the one in there.

Unexpected Results – 1 month gone

It has been almost a month since I started decluttering and I have had unexpected results from it.

Aside from 2 days I have stuck to my decision to declutter a little each day.  One of the days I was off camping and the other I was out of the house most of the day, unexpectedly, and came home passed midnight.

I have to admit to being a little annoyed about missing the daily challenge and was almost tempted to quit, thinking “Well there you go no point in continuing now.”

But I kept going.  I acknowledge that in my life I may not do it for one day.  Some days I’m simply too tired and in too much pain, other days I may have sick children to tend.  What’s important is I keep going. I’ve also had a mindset change.  I found myself thinking, in the middle of decluttering “Oh I have my ten, I can stop now.” But this isn’t what I want to be thinking.  So I changed my thoughts to “10 is the minimum in a day to get rid of.” And that small change is all I needed.

It is Sunday morning and not even 10am I have discarded 8 things.  So I am quite relaxed about it.  The challenge will come in another week or so when I turn my attention to the craft room as there is just so many things in there at them moment from moving house.  All dumped and disorganised.

So far I have taken a box every couple of days, unpacked and sorted and then discarded the box. But soon I will need to attack it with a better  plan in mind.

I am also looking outside the box. I kept thinking I can’t unpack this bag as I have no hanging space.  Well I have changed that thought process I do have hanging space.  I have  picture rail all the way round my bedroom walls.  Is it ideal for me? No, but it gets the clothes up so they don’t get crushed, and bags out of my room. It is a slow process. I am looking at everything and asking;

“Does this make me happy?”
“Does it make my heart sing?”

And so often the answer is no.  I don’t have many clothes, but I have now realised I have many clothes that I own simply because being a larger woman when the fit and look ok, I would buy them.  I am not going to do that any more.  I can’t get rid of all my clothes as I need to get ones that I do enjoy but once I do get them, I will remove the others.

A major benefit for me is that the house is staying tidier, I have been working mainly in bedrooms, but he spill over can’t be denied. My lounge that always gets very untidy from kids toys and other items is better.  They play and tidy away, even if it is at this moment to dump into bedrooms. But the main areas of my house are tidy.

No clutter in the entryway, lounge, dining or kitchen. Youngest daughter’s room is normally clean and tidy and if it gets untidy it is easier to clean.

I have gotten Miss 15 involved in her own room.  Each day I ask her to choose 10 things to remove. She hasn’t done too badly.

So the month is is almost gone.  What are my results.  As of this morning before getting my 10 for the day I have removed 544 items from my house.

This is concentrating mainly in 2 bedrooms, Miss 6 and my own. Plus a few items from other rooms. But the majority from these two rooms. A month has moved a lot faster than I thought it would.

I am proud of what I have accomplished.

So the plan is to keep going. I am extending another month.  I am going to attack Miss 10’s room and keep going on my room.  Yes I know I can hear you thinking “Really?” ” I still have stuff in my room after a month?”

Well yes, my bedroom had become a dumping ground while moving, bags that had no where to go (because the craft room was full) ended up in my room, as did other items, so as I am doing a thorough job while unpacking it’s a slow job, but it will be done well.




Spring time

A new season.  I am decluttering, having had to move yet again in a hurry made me uptight.  The house I was living in was causing me breathing problems and it was getting pretty dire, I was tired, coughing, wheezing and just unable to function.  Within 2 days of not sleeping in the house my breathing had eased and now 2 weeks on I am cough free.  It is wonderful to be able to breathe properly. So moving was just piling everything into boxes and bags (if that) and shoving them into the new place.

It is also my youngest’s birthday today and she received a few gifts she really wanted.  She has plenty of things, too many really, but, I am unable to break away entirely from gifts.  Numbers are pared down a lot from past years though.

I have been reading about decluttering, now I’m not a minimalist and never will be.  I adore pretty things and will always have them.  And that’s all right, it is me.  But in saying that I do get inundated with papers, little toys that get broken and other bits and pieces.  So I am going to take a step in decluttering.

I have read different blogs and weighed them up.  Realistically I am never going to be one who will get rid of my books or trinkets, I am never going to haul my entire wardrobe out and look at it either. So I settled on 10 things a day.  10 bits of rubbish to 10 pieces of furniture, I will do 10 things a day.

Today was a little more, 35 items.  Hunting for some clothes of Miss 6 I unpacked bags.  Now she is only a small lass fitting into most size 5’s at present an even some 4’s. But she is also fitting into some size 6’s.  I decided to ditch her winter size 5’s.  She has plenty of 6’s for next year.  I also removed shoes I know she won’t fit into next year.

28 items gone.  Not completely finished either but not bad.She has 2 size 5 jumpers left as she wears them at the moment but once the weather is properly warm they will be given away as well.  So it’s more than 10.  But that’s just too bad.  Tomorrow the count resets and I will find another 10.  Now for me, the items to be given away will go in a bag, the bag may not go every day but once those items are in there, they always go.  My girls never look in the bag and once in there I forget about them as well. So I will count them gone even if they aren’t out of the house.

As it is, the bag is full today.  And I will take it to my local drop off centre. I am hoping the idea of just 10 items will keep me going.  Not too few and not too many.

I will keep it up for a month and see what my running total is.  Now this doesn’t count as rubbish that I create in the day and would normally discard this is stuff I have to hunt out and find to donate or discard.

Wish me luck

Or another direction

USe a smaller version of these along the brick dining room wall.  Different dining room table needed than original one.

Yep a look outside the box, well maybe into the box.  The lounge has no shelves in it  So to hide some of the issues with the walls, I may look at some shelving.  And yes ikea shelving may just fit the bill nicely.  I would take these;


lay them on their side, and put my books, DVDs, knick knacks on them.  Buying them will take time.  One at a time.  Slowly a home will come together, it may take a while but that’s ok, there is no rush.  I am finding my style, and it will take a while to decide and changes will keep occurring as I look at things and keep exploring.

Colours and corrections

The house I am is old.  So it has some interesting characteristics.


The vertical cracks


The horizontal cracks.

Now even if I were able to paint the rooms these cracks will take more than a quick repair job.  The photos don’t show it but the work would need a professional and I am only renting the place.  And so I am going to think outside the box for this one.

I am thinking along the lines of a wallpaper border

Living room borders in Paint & Wall Covering Supplies - Compare

The border will be a similar height to this, not the traditional chair rail height, as the cracks are at this height.  I will be using wallpaper under the border as well.  It may be permanent, temporary or fabric but once again due to the character of the wall it won’t be paint.

And now for the colours.


As you can see there are some lovely blue accents.  For the life of me I could not get a decent photo of it and this one is the closest to the actual colour.


This clock I have had for quite a few years now.  I love the colours and the flowers I have match the colours in the clock, although my photography doesn’t show it.


So I am thinking a border to tie the colours from the clock and flowers together.  And maybe draw the blue down to be the main colour for the wallpaper.  I am not sure yet and will be doing a lot more research before doing anything.  The blue may be too much.  I don’t know yet.

but it is exciting to think about.

Weight update

I have another blog, it’s where I am blogging about my weight loss journey.

The trials and tribulations, success and fears.  There are so many sites out there about weight loss and a lot about how easy they find it once they get going.  Well I don’t find it easy.  I find it hard as I LIKE food, I like trying things, I love a good risotto, rich sauces and wonderful desserts.  I enjoy baking and sampling things.

This is causing me problems as sites tell me I have to eat so differently.  No nice things and then I feel deprived.  So I am trying it my way.  Let’s see how it goes.  My site is called Losing it Daily.  Because that is what it’s all about, losing bad habits, losing weight, losing bad thoughts.

Things that make me smile.

I do love pretty things.  On a forum I go to, there is a thread about beautiful things in our lives.  I was inspired to get some glasses out and use a silver tray I have.


I have many, many pretty things and for the longest while I kept them “for good”.  I realised at some point that my daughters and I deserve good, and so i brought things out to use.  I want to enjoy them.

The water jug sits on my counter.  I have no fridge in my kitchen at present but I like to drink water.

The pink you see is an ice block.  I cool the water in the fridge and then pop the block in it.  I have a jug in the fridge just for this.  I can top up the counter jug and the water is better than just out of the tap.

Although it can’t be seen, the sun gets reflected into little rainbow prisms, so very pretty.


I have certain items I use regularly on a glass cake stand,  The skull is a quirky thing I love.  I like skulls so I add them here and there.  Things that make me smile are important.

The other thing that made me smile today, was getting Natasha’s bed up.


The bed is made, the mess remains but it is a start.  Now it is up she can start to organise other bits and pieces around her.  A slow process but one that will be done thoroughly.  I would like to get her a beautiful teal rug we saw, not sure if it will eventuate but it would make her smile as well.

So today had plenty of smiles and nice things.  But man that bedroom…

The Embarrassing Parts.

Shhh, they are everywhere, this house is no where near settled.  I just can’t seem to get the rhythm of it.  But I will get there.  It feels so not homey at the moment.

Funds are are also holding me up.  I would love to dive right in and just make it how I would like it, although I am not entirely sure what that is, but I would love to have the money to play with it and find out.  I am drawn to french provincial, and I love the whites and airiness and delicate look.

But truth be known the idea of all that white and having children, not so much. *sigh

So I am lost, I am going to comb through Pinterest and other sites for inspiration.  I may be able to find something in black that will lend itself to my vision.  Meanwhile I will live with what I have and take my time.  No hurry, things change in an instant, so I’ve learned.  I’m still waiting to hear about what is happening with the termites so will have to wait and see, it could be I end up moving again.  Ugh.  But what happens, happens.

My bedroom is tidy, I have no bed now, I found the bed I had too large and heavy and trying to move it around thwarted me.  it tended to sit where it was put and too bad of any inclinations I had to decorate.

So my mattress is on the floor until I find something I truly adore.  It will come.



My plan for this weekend is to get this (and the rest of it)


into here, ready to cringe, no I mean it really ready?

And hopefully with the bed set up the toys will be picked up, the clothes will be found and homed and the books will make their way into the bookshelf.  Let’s see how far we get by the end of the weekend.  And then that will leave 2 bedrooms to go.
Lets see if I get it done.